Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) November 22, 2004 -- GamesbyJames.biz, an online retailer of board games, has just released its list of Top 10 Board Games for the Holiday Season.

The list is:
1. Scene It? DVD Deluxe (Screenlife)
2. Trivial Pursuit 1990"s Time Capsule (Hasbro)
3. Cranium Turbo (Cranium)
4. Things (Outset Media)
5. Blokus (Educational Insights)
6. Who What Where? (Pazow)
7. Snorta! (Out of the Box)
8. Settlers of Catan (Mayfair Games)
9. Visual Eyes (Buffalo Games)
10. Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder)

Jennifer Hepler, co-owner of GamesbyJames.biz, released the list because she and her staff are often asked for their recommendations. To satisfy demand, Hepler came up with the list using three key criteria: the popularity of the game, its "repeat play" factor, and how well the game encourages interaction between different personality types.

"Our customers look for activities the whole family can enjoy together, without breaking the bank," Hepler says. "Today"s fast-paced culture provides families and friends with limited "face time", so these people don"t want to waste their free time on television. Board games create the perfect environment to bring friends and families together."

This is the first year that GamesbyJames.biz has compiled the Top 10 Board Games for the Holidays list, but judging from its popularity, it"s sure to become an annual event. Hepler says that being a retailer of board games since 1979 (Hepler, and her husband Bill, also own six brick-and-mortar stores in Minnesota and Iowa) has armed the company and its employees with ample knowledge about favorite board games.

"Watching television or playing a computer game are solitary pastimes," reminds Hepler. "But humans are social by nature. Board games and card games help families interact in a fun and relaxed environment."

The GamesbyJames.biz site, which was launched earlier this year, offers a huge assortment of party games, strategy games, card games, jigsaw puzzles, and brain teasers for online purchase.